Birds among Arrows (fishnetsandmotorcycles) 


Oliver walked over to the man at Dinah’s feet and ignored her looks. The man’s shoulder was dislocated, and quite possibly broken. He could be helped, but it would hurt like hell. He looked up at Black Canary and then back and the injured thug.

"Hey bud, your shoulder is dislocated. I can pop it back in," He paused, waiting for the mans response. In between the sputters and whimpering, the man managed to get out, "Y-yeah, man." Oliver frowned and continued on. "But it’ll hurt like hell." He placed the palm of his hand at the back of his shoulder and looked back up at Black Canary. He had only done this a few times before, and each time he hated the sound it produced.

"On three. One. Tw-" He slammed his hand forward and the ball of the shoulder popped back into place with a loud crack and snap. Bile rose in Oliver’s mouth, and he swallowed hard. The man howled with pain, but remained still. Looking back at the now distraught woman, Oliver giggled a little.

"Someone walks by and sees to attractive individuals standing over a whining punk, we’re gonna get in trouble."

Watching him talk to the man drew forth a small smile from Dinah. She loved to flirt with men before she took them down, but more often than not she allowed them to be dragged to jail with their shoulders still screwed up. It wasn’t the kindest thing, but then again they weren’t the kindest people.

"Did you just giggle?" The smile fading to a frown, she wondered how a sound like that had come out of a man that seemed so dark. While he wasn’t the Batman, he certainly hadn’t seemed like the type of guy to giggle. If her mother was still alive, this would be where she would deliver the iconic line ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’.

Joining him by the prone figure, Dinah looked down at the man and nudged him with the toe of her boot. When he made no motion of moving, she planted her arms on her hips. “Are you saying that if we weren’t attractive we wouldn’t get in trouble? Regardlessly, I’d love it if you were a gentleman and helped me get him to my motorcycle.” 

Birds among Arrows (Super-Sonic-Songbird) 


Oliver gritted his teeth at the nick name. Along with countless others, that one seemed to be the most popular, and each person who called him that usually ended up with a decent ass kicking. However, Oliver wasn’t about to go around beating up young and beautiful women. He placed his bow on his back next to his quiver and held up his hands.

"Green Arrow." He said with a smirk. "Is the introduction phase?" He added. She was acting too tough for her age, and even though he didn’t doubt her ability to fight, he still saw her as a woman. A woman different than any other woman he had seen before. Things were different now when it came to women. Before the island he was a player, now afterwards, he was more or less afraid of them considering the run in with the Skylark Triplets.

"That man is severely injured, you just going to leave him there?" Oliver cocked his head to right a little and examined her composure. She was solid, and there was absolutely no way to read her emotions. Oliver thought he was in love. 

Dinahs lips curled up into a sly smile, enjoying the fact that the little pet name had annoyed him. If there was one thing she enjoyed, it was rattling the minds of egotistical and womanizing men. While she had no evidence that this guy had those qualities, she could tell simply from intuition, and she had always been an intuitive girl.

"Green Arrow?" She bit back a laugh with a soft chuckle. "How original. I’m Black Canary." Biting her lip in a way that Wildcat would consider far too flirtatious, Dinah eyed him for a moment. He had a nice build and defined muscles from archery, he would be a challenge to take down if need be, but she could probably handle him.

Nudging the man with her boot, Dinah squinted and looked back to Green Arrow. “I could. I mean, he’s just a mugger so there’s no need to drag his sorry ass all the way to the nearest jail. I guess I could just hook him on my motorcycle.” Sighing, she dreaded the effort it would take to lug a man at least twice her size all the way back to her bike.

Birds among Arrows (Super-Sonic-Songbird) 


Oliver landed with more noise than he expected and almost immediately did the young woman before him whipped around. Her agility was almost stunning, and Oliver could help but inhale sharply when he saw her face. She looked to be around 18 or 19, but her beauty was decades old.

"You gonna step into the light, or should I get ready to knock you out like our friend?"

Oliver took a defiant step foward and emerged from the shadows with a smirk on his face and a trick arrow pulled back. She eyed him curiously, as if it wasn’t was she was expecting, which made Oliver smile even wider. The man below her was unconscious, and by the looks of it, had a dislocated and possibly broken shoulder. He could pop it back in, but it would hurt like hell.

"You do this yourself, pretty bird?" Oliver said eyeing the man below her. "You the one with the inhuman growl?" She snorted, and put her hands on her hips. Getting through to this girl with jokes would be hard, but Oliver would never give up with them, that was practically the only way he knew how to talk to women. 

"Inhuman growl?" Dinah took a voluntary step forward. She was still breaking into the business, but no one called her Canary Call an ‘inhuman growl’. "I think it’s a shriek more than anything else." A shriek capable of shattering glass and blasting eardrums off, she added mentally. 

It took a moment for her to comprehend that he had called her ‘pretty bird’. Maybe it was meant to be charming, but all it did was raise suspicions with Dinah. There was no reason for him to call her bird unless he knew that she was Black Canary. That was highly unlikely though, as she hadn’t done anything spectacular yet and he didn’t seem the type to hang around the JSA. No one really hung around the golden age heroes except for her, and that was because they were adopted family.

"So, what do you call yourself, Robin Hood?" Dinah cocked her head, taking in the green outfit. He was rocking a sort of steal from the rich and give to the poor vibe, but she was hoping that he wasn’t as cheesy as to actually call himself Robin Hood. 

Birds among Arrows (Super-Sonic-Songbird) 


Oliver had decided to go out alone that warm autumn night, no com link or tracker; Naomi wouldn’t know where he was or what he was thinking. He enjoyed that every now and then, they couldn’t blame him for wanting a little peace and quiet. Oliver was talking to businessmen and aggressive negotiators for 8 hours a day, sometimes he just enjoyed his own company.

The sun was setting just beyond the horizon, and Oliver was sitting quietly on the Seattle Central Hospital. The crime rate had been steadily declining lately, meaning that some nights often ended without any business for The Green Arrow. 

Tonight was one of those nights, not a peep. No gunshots, no screams, no sirens. Nothing. Oliver almost felt wounded. One of his few nights by himself, and he wouldn’t get the chance to do some work alone. He was just about to give up and head home when he heard it.

An earth-shattering scream filled the air, taking Oliver by surprise and nearly knocking him over the ledge. What on gods earth was that?” It was nothing from a normal human girl, that was for sure. Oliver’s hands were forced to his ears, the ringing in his head extremely loud. Shell shock? He pulled out his grapple, and swung off towards the source of the sound.

A small smile sliding up her lips, Dinah charged the man in front of her. He was three times her size, but she easily slipped over him. Using her momentum, the blonde grabbed him by one arm and sent him toppling head over heels. As he connected with the ground, she couldn’t help but enjoy the loud snap of his shoulder breaking against the concrete. 

She had given herself an unfair advantage, but it wouldn’t have made much of a difference anyone. Using her Canary Call was still new, but it had disoriented the man enough for her to incapacitate him in exactly five seconds. A little slower than usual, but she was still new. 

Hearing the subtle crunch of boots connecting with ground behind her, Dinah turned. Wiping the thin line of blood from her jaw, she narrowed her eyes at the hooded figure in the shadows.

"You gonna step into the light, or should I get ready to knock you out like our friend?" Using a thumb to point to the unconscious man, she put her hands on her hips and raised a brow. 

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